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Drawings – The study of the line in itself

Welcome to the grafisch-studio!
Allow me to introduce myself – Ryn Shaparenko.

Below you can find the results of my „The study of the line in itself“. There are three section, witch I’m trying to discover. The first one is „Field Studies“, the second one is „Mechanoids“ and the last one is „Organoids“. It the very beginning I thought, it would be easy, but…

I began to draw with ink and feather during my studies in the nineties. I soon began to ask myself important questions in reference to some of the drawings which I tried to comprehend. I have still not been able to give a satisfactory answer to these questions. I have named the search for these answers: „The study of the line in itself“. (philosophy is a hobby of mine and so the name is therefore dose to me…)

The Questions:

What dissects the line?

The space.
And then what…?

Is it now two spaces or still one – but split? And when the space consist of more lines, what is there to see: lines or spaces? Are they separated or do they belong together?
Besides that a line can be thick or thin. If it is thick is it then still a line or does it transform into a space? Questions, questions…

Meanwhile I continue to draw…

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Ryn Shaparenko

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Studio Ryn Shaparenko

Senefelderstr. 4
10437 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

every Thursday from 16:00 to 20:00.
For an appointment please call +49 178 205 88 97.

About me

Born 1968 in Kiev, Ukraine.
Design Diploma at St. Petersburg State Academy for Commercial Art.
Since 1995 freelance artist (Russia, Poland and Germany).
Exhibitions in Russia, Poland and Germany.
Since 2003 based in Berlin.
Since 2010 Member of the professional association for visual artists in Berlin.

Select Exhibitions

2021 „artspring berlin“ Festival, Berlin
2021 Group Exhibition „Non-issue 5“, KunstHaus Potsdam e.V., Potsdam
2020 Exhibition „Semantic voyages“, Burg Stargard
2016 Exhibition „The mechanics of drawing“, Alte Pumpe, Berlin
2014 Exhibition „Error in reasoning“, Galerie Kunst Projekt Forma:t, Berlin
2013 Exhibition „ARTGESCHOSS“, Wolfenbüttel
2012 Exhibition, G11 am Funkhaus, Berlin
2009 Exhibition „Field Studies and Ferry Passages“, with Ulrike Kirchner, Gallery F92, Berlin
2007 Group Exhibition „Ichthyophilia and other Temptations“. Vol. I, Gallery „Artful at the Pergamon Museum“
Group Exhibition „Ichthyophilia and other Temptations“. Vol. II, Gallery „Oko“, Berlin
2005 Exhibition in context of the „SOHO in Ottakring“-festival, Vienna, AT
2001 – 2002 „Charms somewhere else“, a literary performance, Krakow, PL
„the virtual swimming-pool“, an artistic performance, Krakow, PL
1996 – 1998 Solo Exhibition „Cosmology of the Line“, St Petersburg
„Steps“, arts centre „Art Clinic“, St Petersburg
Group Exhibition „PROJECTUS – a message to posterity“, Russian artist’s federation, St Petersburg, all in RU

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